Friday, October 22, 2010

Computer problems resolved (mostly...)

After being without a computer for almost a month now, I finally got myself back in the saddle with a new one. And may I say that as much as I do rely on and love computers, I've pretty much had it with PC. Next computer will be a Mac. I won't bore you too much with the details, but lets just say that if an operating system won't let you install software without a huge fight then it's a piece of junk. It's been 2 days since getting this new beast and it still won't let me install iTunes, OpenOffice, or Safari. System 7 looks pretty, but my God, give me a break already with 3 different levels of Windows 7 (home, pro, and ultimate) and the hefty price tags as you go up the scale. I haven't even tried to get my Adobe design suite on yet. Without them I'm pretty much dead in the water.
OK, enough with the computer moaning...

In the meantime, I've been sewing my little fingers off to complete the Brontë Slumber Party Collection. I'm almost done. I'm currently working on Gothic Lolita dresses and have finished Cami's, bustiers, baby doll tops, pantalettes, petticoats and bloomer onsies. Next up will be bloomers, bra's and panties. 

Here are a few work-in-progress photos of my tiny camisole to amuse you while I finish up the Slumber Party....

Here's the pile of bodice fronts all done and ready for cutting.

 Pattern pieces in place and ready to cut. The back piece wasn't right and I had to re-cut it later.

 Pieces cut out.

 Sewing the sides to the front.

 Getting ready to double stitch the sides for stability.

 Top lace and straps in place for sewing.

 Top lace stitched and turned and ready for top-stitching.

 Closer view of the above.

 Top stitching done. Bottom lace in place for stitching.

 Bottom lace on and ready for top-stitching.

 Close-up view of the above.

 Getting ready to attach straps and put in the velcro.

 Straps sewn in, bows in place and velcro on.

 Close-up of velcro.


 With the matching fancy petticoat.

 Three little cami's.

We stand up all by ourselves....

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