Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from Vacation and working on the Bronte Slumber Party collection

I'm back from vacation and am settling in to do some serious designing. Since I got a new pattern book, Dollybird 10, I'm really inspired to make some yummy summer nighties and lingerie goodies. This issue is chock full of fabulous creations for a whole range of dolls, large and small. I've been cutting some of the bigger ones down for Blythe with mixed success. I got my issue from evilbay and you can too as there are a few left up for grabs.

The pink confection below was designed for the Living Dead Doll and worked out rather well for Blythe with just a few tweaks for length and width. I kinda love that old-fashioned onsie look.

If you want to drool all over yourself, go have a look at Daisy D's blog. She designs for Blythe and Momoko etc. and has contributed a bunch of patterns to the Dolly Dolly Coordination Recipe pattern books and Dollybird too. I swoon every time I go over there. Don't say I didn't warn you....