Monday, August 15, 2011

Color for Summer - all 13 sets

Pink Posy Parade
Tulips to kiss you with
Rose Trellis Tango
Seafoam Spin
Tangerine Twirl
Daisy Du-Wop
Strawberry Swing
Cherry Blossom Blast
Tulip Trot
Posy Pirouette
Wildflower Whirl

Sunflower Swing
Chrysanthemum Charade

Each set has a dress, apron, socks and hat.

The dresses have loads of French and Cluny lace on the bodice and are lined with my heirloom cotton batiste fabric and close with snaps in the back.

The aprons have hand embroidered pockets in different motifs to match the print of each dress.

The knee socks are made with a cotton/spandex knit fabric and are slathered in more Cluny lace.

The crocheted hats are held firmly in place by combs and have a sweet heart shaped hat pin and lots of flowers and ribbons.

All 13 of these sets will go into my etsy shop tomorrow, Tuesday, August 16th at 8 pm EST. If you miss your favorite set, please convo me through etsy or Flickr. I'll take commissions on these sets for a couple weeks and then they're gone forever...

xoxo, Emily

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Color for Summer dress sets are done!

I'll be doing the final photography tomorrow and loading those pictures here and on Flickr so you all can have a look at everything.

I'll open up the shop on Tuesday, August 16th at 8 PM, est. If you miss your favorite set just let me know. I'll take commissions on these dress sets for a couple weeks and then they'll be gone forever.

I hope you enjoy all these little Blythe goodies as much as I do!

xoxo, Emily

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In the home stretch...

I plan to get all 13 sets up on etsy on Monday, August 15th, sometime in the afternoon. It always takes me longer than I want to get everything finished but I'm almost done now and will do the photography tomorrow and get everything in the shop by Monday. Whew!

Here are a few more photos to show the hats and socks of the completed set.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's been inspiring me lately...

I just love the Blythe community for their deep creative spirit, fierce devotion and their unique fashion sense. Here's the short list of people who have been inspiring me lately.

Momocat - pretty classic designs for Blythe and tiny Betsy McCall. She has some tutorial entries too, but your have to dig for them.




 ヤマケイ★Blythe★お気にめすまま。 - soft romantic clothes with lots of lace and pretty details.

Vanilla Latte - beautiful romantic styling. Great blog list and links to check out. She does a lot with petites and other dolls too.

Daisy D - incredibly romantic Gothic Lolita style clothes for Blythe and Kuma, etc.

 Cherry Merry Muffin - darling Mary Jane type dresses. Classic and fun.

OK, so they're all Japanese, but what wonderful clothes they're making. I'm drooling with my jaw on the floor when I look at all their stuff. Take a look for yourself and see if you agree with me. I went back through all the entries on these blogs and it was worth it. I admit that it's a bit frustrating not to understand Japanese, but the pictures are so beautiful it doesn't really matter. Sigh....

PS - these photos were borrowed without permission. All link back to their blogs. I just had to show you how wonderful they are, so please forgive me for pilfering.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Color for Summer dress sets

It's hot down here in Florida, super hot, too dang hot and so are these little dress sets, just dripping with color for the heat of summer!

Each set will have a dress, apron (with hand embroidered pockets), socks and a hat. Whew! And I'm sewing like mad to get it all done sometime this week. I'll keep you posted on my progress...