Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's been inspiring me lately...

I just love the Blythe community for their deep creative spirit, fierce devotion and their unique fashion sense. Here's the short list of people who have been inspiring me lately.

Momocat - pretty classic designs for Blythe and tiny Betsy McCall. She has some tutorial entries too, but your have to dig for them.




 ヤマケイ★Blythe★お気にめすまま。 - soft romantic clothes with lots of lace and pretty details.

Vanilla Latte - beautiful romantic styling. Great blog list and links to check out. She does a lot with petites and other dolls too.

Daisy D - incredibly romantic Gothic Lolita style clothes for Blythe and Kuma, etc.

 Cherry Merry Muffin - darling Mary Jane type dresses. Classic and fun.

OK, so they're all Japanese, but what wonderful clothes they're making. I'm drooling with my jaw on the floor when I look at all their stuff. Take a look for yourself and see if you agree with me. I went back through all the entries on these blogs and it was worth it. I admit that it's a bit frustrating not to understand Japanese, but the pictures are so beautiful it doesn't really matter. Sigh....

PS - these photos were borrowed without permission. All link back to their blogs. I just had to show you how wonderful they are, so please forgive me for pilfering.

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