Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Belle mini dress and Viola reversible capelette

The Belle mini dress and the Viola reversible capelette are now up in the shop!
The Belle mini is 100% cotton with fine French lace around the bodice and inset lace with ribbons around the skirt and up the bodice. A bow with a Swarovski rhinestone detail accents the bodice as well. Fully lined with heirloom quality batiste cotton. Polka dots and stripes just make our day around here!
The Viola capelette is fully reversible in 100% cotton with pink button details and a 2 snap closure. Fabrics match the Viola dress. Looks great with the Drucilla too!
I'm currently working on orders and designing my Bronte Noel line for Christmas. Hopefully I'll get all that up in the store in a few weeks so I can make delivery for the Holidays! Yikes!!! Time to go back to work....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Introducing Josie Cotton!

Oh, what can we say about Laura and her wonderful dolls! Words just aren't enough. Presenting Josie Cotton, wearing the Anne dress from the Bronte Collection. What style, what grace! My photos just pale in comparison. Laura takes the most wonderful photos and has her own etsy shop as well. You simply must take a look at her wonderful world; and
Thanks so much Laura! We just LOVE Josie Cotton and your marvelous photos!!!

Let's hear it for Crissy and Peach Cobbler!

Oh my goodness, we have two lovelies here! Miss Crissy, a Prima Dolly Saffy, is showing off a Godesia skully babydoll dress, which is one of my early attempts as sewing! I've come a long way, I tell you. But pretty cute for a first attempt though, if I don't say so myself!!
Miss Peach Cobbler is modelling one of my most recent creations; the Folkloria dress in Little Red Riding Hood. Note the pink alien toy by VioletPie! Sigh...... and, check out the wonderful Halloween box bag in the background of this pic! I'm delighted to announce that it's going to be mine very soon! I'm soooooo excited about it!!!!
Miss Crissy and Miss Peach Cobbler are beyond lucky to be living with their mommy Sandi, who's put together the most wonderful Blythe doll house and who customized dolls, makes darling box bags and designs Blythe clothes as well. Check out her Flickr and etsy store for more Blythe yumminess; and
Thanks so much Sandi! We can't wait to get our FAB bags from you!!!!!

Introducing Flick and Cassidy!

First up, we have Flick, a Gentle River, wearing the Madeline dress from the Bronte Collection, hangin' with a very special kitty friend. Check out how their bows match! So adorable!! Next, I'm very pleased to introduce Cassidy, who's wearing the Gretchen dress, also from the Bronte collection. Cassidy's mommy, Holly, has darling kitty cats and takes sweet photos. Check out her Flickr pages for more darling photos;
Thanks Holly! We just love Cassidy and Flick!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sneak Peek!

Introducing the Viola reversible capelette! Fully reversible, 100% cotton fabric with a 2 snap closure and 3 pink button details. Won't get into the shop for a week or two (I'm swamped with work). But, the girls have been begging me to show them off. Looks pretty good with the Drucilla too....

Not yet ready to go into the store, but dyin' to get out into the world! Ingrid is showing off the latest Godesia creation. I haven't got the name yet either, but as you can see, rippin' good fun! I have a big backlog of orders to fufill, so I won't get this one in the shop for a week or two. Coming soon though....

Wearin' the Monkey (the squeakymonkey, that is)

Paulette ripped this from the package the minute I got it home. Squeakymonkey from head to foot! We LOVE this complete ensemble from Tiffany!!!!!!! Thanks sweetie, we just can't get enough.

Polka dot babydoll dress with matching bloomers. Two squeaky petticoats, black and white, and classic squeakymonkey striped stockings. Sigh......

Re-vamped Folkloria dresses

Oh, I started on the production of the Folkloria series and decided to finish the seams on the inside of the dress and do a floating hem and armhole. Originally I planned to do exposed seams to keep things simple, but my perfectionism took over and now it's going to be my usual pristine interior. So, anyone who bought the dresses will get the upgraded interior.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you talking to me!????

Are you talking to me!????, originally uploaded by *jaszmade.

Introducing Ees! The multi-talented Miss Jaz of Jazmade takes the most wonderful photos. Here is her charming Ees in the negligee blanc by Godesia. Really incredible stuff Jaz!!! Check out her Flickr and etsy store for more stylin' Blythe goodness; and

The Emily

Day212, originally uploaded by etdesetoiles.

I'd introduce her, but I couldn't find her name. But beauty needs no introduction. Wearing the Emily, this lovely Heart of Montremart is owned by Chih and has a weakness for Re-ment and toile. Beautiful photo Chih! We love your girl!!!

Which book should I read first?

The darling La Mer is showing us her latest reading list while wearing one each of my sweet stockings. The girl has style! La Mer's mommy, Roz has the most wonderful inner Blythe world going on within her Flickr pages. Check it out!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Introducing Edelweiss!

This lovely custom Blythe is Edelweiss! The beautiful Miss Edelweiss is wearing the Madeline dress by Godesia and having quite the adventure with her teddy and cuckoo clock. Her mommy, Karen, has a wonderful collection of dolls and is a marvelous seamstress to boot! Check out her Flickr pages and etsy store; and
Miss Edelweiss and Miss Lily (the next post down) are cousins, for their mommies are real sisters! Thanks so much Karen! Edelweiss is just fabulous!!!

Introducing Lily!

It's my great pleasure to introduce Lily, a stock Samdi Marche, wearing the Pink Alice dress by Godesia. The lovely miss Lily is very fond of tennis and walks in the garden with her delightful mommy Tracy. You should have a look-see at her Flickr pages for more Blythe goodness;
Thanks so much Tracy, for sharing Lily with us! She's adorable!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Drucilla

Halloween is on the way and Paulette couldn't wait. She insisted on something black, yet simple and elegant. The Drucilla was the result. Cotton batiste dress with heirloom quality cotton cuffs and collars. I found a Fab store that supplies smocking stuff and they have the most wonderful cotton fabrics. Long puffy sleeves with little button details on the cuffs and collars. Two snap closure and a hand finished bodice lining. You can dress this one up any way you want! Will go up in the store later tonight.

The Millicent

New to the shop! Pretty chambray blues and pinks color this little dress. The Millicent is 100% cotton with a fully lined bodice, braid belt and little hand-embroidered flowers on the collars with a bead center. The belt also has a pretty metal bead detail. Machine embroidered hem is hand cut. Long flared skirt is the perfect bell shape. Very sweet rose garden swag pattern with matching striped bodice fabric. Heirloom quality cotton batiste fabric for the collar and sleeves. All in all, a delightful cottage rose dress if there ever was one.
Going up in the shop shortly....