Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's hear it for Crissy and Peach Cobbler!

Oh my goodness, we have two lovelies here! Miss Crissy, a Prima Dolly Saffy, is showing off a Godesia skully babydoll dress, which is one of my early attempts as sewing! I've come a long way, I tell you. But pretty cute for a first attempt though, if I don't say so myself!!
Miss Peach Cobbler is modelling one of my most recent creations; the Folkloria dress in Little Red Riding Hood. Note the pink alien toy by VioletPie! Sigh...... and, check out the wonderful Halloween box bag in the background of this pic! I'm delighted to announce that it's going to be mine very soon! I'm soooooo excited about it!!!!
Miss Crissy and Miss Peach Cobbler are beyond lucky to be living with their mommy Sandi, who's put together the most wonderful Blythe doll house and who customized dolls, makes darling box bags and designs Blythe clothes as well. Check out her Flickr and etsy store for more Blythe yumminess; and
Thanks so much Sandi! We can't wait to get our FAB bags from you!!!!!

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