Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some random pics around my room

Some random pics around my room, originally uploaded by ava111sk.

Here's Blythe a Rockin'!!!!! Iveta has such a cute collection of dollies! This photo is just fab of a few of her girls and showing off my Union Jack mini dress. Thanks sweetie!!!!!

Has Christmas come early?

Has Christmas come early?, originally uploaded by kittenlash.

What a darling girl Miss Bliss is! The adorable Mel has graced us with this darling pic of her sweet Bliss in our Chocolate Rose mini dress. Check out her flickr stream for more dolly goodness.

New photos from Godesia fans!

Miss Stephanie takes some fabulous pics and does wonderful crafty goodness. Here's her take of my Union Jack mini dress. I just love the British rubber duckie! She also collects Sindy! Fun, fun fun....

Introducing Willow! Miss Willow is wearing a Godesia full length sundress and sporting a delicious attitude. Her Mommy, Jodi, has a huge collection of yummy Blythes, all waiting for your perusal. Go take a look!

The 2 photos above are from the glorious Kersten! Her girlies are sporting a striped and streamered hat (just above) and a sundress with a matching shrug sweater (top). Kersten also made me a wonderful pink woven scalp that I'm trying to glue down on Madeline's slippery head. Photo's of Madeline to come soon.

Check out Kersten's flickr pages for more looks at her sweet bunny toys and lovely Blythes.

Say Hi to Tatum, G♥Baby's doll who is wearing my Folkloria dress in the little red riding hood style. What a sweetie! Thanks Gina for this darling pic!!!

Who wouldn't want this vision of loveliness? Allow me to present Pia, catamini's doll, who is wearing my spring babydoll dress. She also has some serious Lati love going on her flickr pages so, those of you who are into her will definately want to take a peek. Thanks Cathy for this wonderful pic! Pia is just amazing in it!!!

Here is Esmerelda (Custom By @nai) wearing the Sinistra dress! Her mommy, Miss Jenny, has the coolest collection of dolls, one of which is named Sinistra, who is also a custom doll by @nai! I designed this dress with her in mind. Go have a peek at her sweet vampire fangs!!!! One look and you'll know why I just had to make a dress with her in mind. Thanks Jenny and I hope you feel better soon!

Miss Melanie got the Sabrina dress and coat for her super collection of dolls! I've never seen so many anywhere!!! You must look! And she's got the edge on what's going on in Twilight/New Moon world! If you've got an obsession for Robert Pattinson, you will be in heaven on her flickr pages! Just go...
More from Melissa! Here's Curly Top in my Festive jeans and spring jacket. Thanks sweetie for these darling pics!!!

Miss Mippy has graced us with her unnamed Goldie, who's wearing an umbrella babydoll dress. This poor thing needs a name! Thank you Rachel, for this sweet pic!

Say hi to Aloha, Jade's sweet doll! She got one of the Death Wish babydoll dresses and is wearing it with style! Check out her flickr stream for lots of dolly pics and goodness. Thanks Jade, for this wonderful pic!!!

Oh Sue, we love this photo of your sweet dolly wearing the Sinistra! Lillybet is just adorable in her rhinestone glasses. Thanks so much sweetie, for sharing this wonderful photo! Go check out Sue's flickr stream for more yummy stuff....

Dearest Roz, how we love your dolls and your sweet photos! We can't get enough of everything you do. La Mer and Sookie look great! La Mer is wearing the 4th of July jeans and gingham babydoll top with a sweetheart petticoat. Miss Roz is a Blythe 'must-see' flickr stop. Go now!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Dorothy Gingham dress in Red

The Dorothy Gingham dress is up in the shop as a Made-to-Order! This little dress is 100% cotton with my heirloom quality cotton batiste fabric lining the bodice. It has the much adored little puffy sleeves and a sweet hand-embroidered collar in the same cotton batiste. A chiffon ribbon belt and pretty pearlized belt buckle complete the look. Two snap closure. Fray checked edges.

Price; $35.00 with $4.00 insured shipping in the US or $3.50 first class international.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing with my blog look....

Yet again! Just couldn't keep my hands off it. I'll be trying out a few things to see what sticks. Please bear with me while I play around...

PS! A lot of the new graphics you're seeing here came from a super-fun free blog site called Go have a look and see!

And I found them through a lovely blog called Jemjoop which is full of yummy crafty goodness! The lovely Jen left me a sweet comment on my lingerie style babydoll dresses and so I just HAD to take a look at her groovy stuff. You'll like her too....