Sunday, January 25, 2009

All done and ready to ship!

Babydolls ahoy!!! Eleven babydolls are finished and ready to go into the shop. I'll be posting photos to flickr and then loading them all up onto etsy this afternoon, hopefully within the next hour or two. $22.00 each with $4.00 insured shipping in the US and $3.50 first class international.
Please check my flickr pages for all the individual photos;

Friday, January 23, 2009

New dress!

Something new that may hit the shop in a week or two. Haven't come up with a name yet either, but thought you all might like a quick peek....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's on my desk today?

It's all about the babydoll this week! As you can see, I have a few things brewing for the shop, which I hope to get finished in the next few days. I'm also working on patterns for a smock, a denim mini skirt and a kitty hat. Soon... soon.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Guadalupe Street

On Guadalupe Street, originally uploaded by rockymountainroz.

The wonderful Roz has done it again. We love this picture of her sweet La Mer wearing the 'Death Wish' dress. Yellow blouse by squeakymonkey! For more Blythe goodness, check out her photostream on Flickr:

Thanks so much Roz, we love your photos!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rompers! New for the shop - 1/17/09

Pinwhale corduroy rompers for sale! I'll be putting these up in the shop this afternoon. 100% cotton with 2 snap closures in the back. Bodice lined with a coordinating fabric. $22.oo each. I also have one new Umbrella Babydoll dress as well, also $22. Check out my flickr pages for more photos;

I have some extra fabric for these, so if you miss one that you would like to have, convo me from etsy and let me know., Yippeee!!!

Oh, I'm always looking for a new pair of Barbie maryjanes, but I tend to cringe over the prices. I actually shelled out $42 bucks for an elusive pair of red scalloped MJ's recently, my justification being that it was my Christmas present to myself this year. Mostly I haunt EvilBay and lurk around listings with bad photos of fuzzy Maryjanes that I think others might not see. I've lucked out that way several times (including once for a pair of highly desirable brown ones). But now, I've discovered a web site that is making them new and selling all kinds of yummy colors, like candy red, dark machine grey and mango, at a somewhat reasonable $10 to 12.50 a pop (I say somewhat, because when I can get a pair of shoes for myself for $12, tiny plastic barbie shoes seem comparatively expensive). Don't yell, I have a cottage business too.... The store's closed for a bit due to a relocation. As soon as they get moved and settled I'll be getting myself some of these. Check 'em out;

In her mind's eye...

In her mind's eye..., originally uploaded by rockymountainroz.

Another wonderful photograph by Roz! This is Anna wearing an umbrella baby doll dress and a jean jacket by squeakymonkey. She's out for a walk in the snows of Colorado. Check out Roz's wonderful photostream on flickr;

Death Wishers!

Ah, the "Death Wish" dresses have come home to roost. I have several yummy photos to share with you all today. At the top we have Darya, sassy thing that she is, a Gentle River. Her mommy, Maribel, has a lovely collection of Dollies and takes sigh-worthy photos. Here's the link to her flickr pages:
Next up we have a Picara custom made Blythe with NO name. Her mommy, Lynne, apologizes for that, but says she just can't come up with names all the time. We understand.... beauty needs no name or introduction, it can stand for itself! Miss Lynne also has a wonderful talent for making Blythe clothes. You might know her store on etsy; Dollicious! Here are the links for her etsy store and flickr pages; and
Lastly, we have Aloha, looking serene and relaxed in her killer dress. Her mommy, Jade, lives in Australia and has a lovely flickr photostream; Miss Jade also contributes to a marvelous doll blog that covers all kinds of custom advice for Blythe including; re-rooting, sewing, collecting doll furniture, Blythe release updates and toy making, to name but a few. Check it out kiddies;
Thanks so much Maribel, Lynne and Jade! Your Blythes rock our dolly world!!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Death Wish dresses SOLD OUT!

I've officially run out of fabric to make any more Death Wish dresses. Thanks to everybody who ordered one!

xoxo, Emily

Monday, January 5, 2009

'Death Wish' Umbrella Babydoll dress-going into production!

Due to popular demand, I'll be making a production run of the Death Wish babydoll dress. If you would like one of these dresses, please convo me thru and I'll reserve one for you and get you in the production line.
They are $22 with $4 insured shipping in the US and $3.50 first class shipping international.

New Umbrella Babydolls

Why Umbrella Babydolls? Because they flare out, just like a big ol' umbrella. These are all cotton, with a coordinating lined bodice and a two snap closure in the back and priced at $22. I wanted to get a few things in the shop that were less expensive than the puffy sleeved party dresses (which are really labor intensive). I have a new design for a funky flared pant and top set as well. I'll get these into the shop as soon as I can. More pictures are on Flickr too;

Bronte Noel packaging

No explanation necessary. Just a look at my most recent packaging....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from Thailand!

The darling Miss Thanida from Thailand bought my polka dot dreams dress set and used it in her New Year's greeting photo. All the GodesiaLand girls just LOVED it, so here it is for you to enjoy as well.

Happy New Year Everybody!

xoxo, Emily