Saturday, January 17, 2009

Death Wishers!

Ah, the "Death Wish" dresses have come home to roost. I have several yummy photos to share with you all today. At the top we have Darya, sassy thing that she is, a Gentle River. Her mommy, Maribel, has a lovely collection of Dollies and takes sigh-worthy photos. Here's the link to her flickr pages:
Next up we have a Picara custom made Blythe with NO name. Her mommy, Lynne, apologizes for that, but says she just can't come up with names all the time. We understand.... beauty needs no name or introduction, it can stand for itself! Miss Lynne also has a wonderful talent for making Blythe clothes. You might know her store on etsy; Dollicious! Here are the links for her etsy store and flickr pages; and
Lastly, we have Aloha, looking serene and relaxed in her killer dress. Her mommy, Jade, lives in Australia and has a lovely flickr photostream; Miss Jade also contributes to a marvelous doll blog that covers all kinds of custom advice for Blythe including; re-rooting, sewing, collecting doll furniture, Blythe release updates and toy making, to name but a few. Check it out kiddies;
Thanks so much Maribel, Lynne and Jade! Your Blythes rock our dolly world!!!!

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