Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introducing Emily

Here is the charming Emily debuting a Valentine's Day baby doll dress with a heart pocket. Emily's mommy, Deb, makes wonderful sweaters for Blythe. Check out her etsy store, and for her sweaters. To see more of her wonderful work, check out her flickr pages; Thanks Deb, for letting me share your beautiful doll Emily and your fabulous work with everybody!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Introducing Addison and Claudia!

The lovely Miss Kersten, aka Molkogirl, has a delightful Blythe family. Here are two more of her beautiful girls: Addison (top photo) is a Prima Dolly 2 Ebony and is wearing a godesia babydoll top. Claudia is a L'il Heart Milk and is wearing a godesia classic cardigan made of a yummy wool/silk blend yarn and another Dollicious skirt. I need to make myself one of these sweaters. I'm so busy making goodies for other people I don't have very much of my own work for me.... (but, I don't really mind). Check out Kersten's flickr pages for more beautiful photos: and Dollicious for Blythe goodies!

Introducing Liepa!

Miss Jane of New Zealand is the proud mommy of Liepa, a Sunday Very Best Blythe. The darling Miss Jane and I did a trade and Liepa is wearing the little lingerie set I sent her. Check out the fabulous hat that Jane sent me in return: Thanks so much Jane, Liepa is fabulously sexy and beautiful in this terrific photo!

Introducing Lauryn!

I have the great pleasure to introduce to you, Lauryn! Lauryn is a Merry Skier and is wearing a thistle flower top, by me and a lovely skirt by Dollicious. Lauryn's delightful mommy, Kersten, has an amazing doll house for her and her sisters. Check it out here: . For those of you interested in the fab skirt, check out Happibug's etsy store: . Happy shopping!

Introducing Roxy!

I am delighted to introduce Roxy, a delightful disco boogie, wearing one of my thistle flower tops. Her wonderful mommy Laura makes fabulous blythe goodies and takes marvelous pictures. Check out her flickr and sites: and Thanks Laura!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Introducing Robby

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Robby, in her divine boudoir! Robby is wearing a ballerina petticoat with crocheted trim and a lingerie set. She also has the rose hair clip to match. Her mommy Maddie is a wonderful photographer..... check out her flickr page and see if you don't agree;
Thank you Maddie, for the darling photo and for honoring me with a group of my very own on Flickr; What a sweet darling you are!!!!! Sluggy blows you many kisses....