Friday, June 26, 2009

Lingerie Style Babydoll dress - 2 color combos

Oh, I've been dragging my feet on this one for a couple weeks now. Too busy finishing the rompers and whatnot to get this Made-to-Order piece in the shop. Here we have a Lingerie Style Babydoll dress in 2 color combinations; blue or pink. 100% cotton with a pretty French lace trim on the bodice. The bodice actually has 10 pieces to it and has a very nice fit. Ribbon shoulder straps and little bows adorn the back of this dress. One snap closure. Lined bodice. Puffy, puffy skirt. Heaven....

$25.00 with $4.00 insured shipping in the US or $3.50 international first class.

Gingham Goodies!

I'm currently working on some new Made-to-Order pieces for my etsy shop. Here are Harley and Paulette showing off the latest gingham goodies. I'm not quite done with the black piece as I haven't yet gotten the embroidery finished. Note my little paper skulls pinned in place on the collar. I thought you might like to see it anyway, even if it's not quite finished yet...

It's Summer Romper Time!

New to my etsy store, we have a crop of summer rompers finished and ready to ship! All these rompers are 100% cotton with snap closures and lined bodices (with my wonderful cotton batiste fabric). Pretty gingham flounce at the waist with a bow and button detail! Rompers are $25 each with $4.00 insured shipping in the US or $3.50 first class international.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

70's Style shouchy hats

I remember these from the 70's. Donny Osmond wore them to death for awhile there. I never had one, my parents were very conservative, but I sure liked the look of them! I found a pattern online for a people sized one and cut it down to fit Blythe and then went mad for a day making them! What's that, you'd like the people sized one for yourself? Oh, O.K., it's right here!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I've been getting really antsy with the look of this blog and finally had to admit to myself last night that I must bite the bullet and customize the darn thing. Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll have worked out all the details and put up a totally new design. Since this is NOT my area of expertise, I'm a bit worked up over the nuts and bolts of it all. As you can see, I tried to give it a face-lift last night, but it's just not doing what I want it to do quite yet. Please bear with me while we're in construction. You may see several different looks while I mull over what I really want.

Here are a couple of the free designs I was looking at last night. Feel free to comment....

Uh, I just HATE pink too.... LOL!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Romancing the Petticoat

Here's the latest addition to my made-to-order collection. I found this delightful heart trim and just had to do something yummy with it. This little petticoat is 100% cotton with and elastic waist. Trim has some poly(or some man-made fiber) in the embroidery. It's $15 with $4.00 insured shipping in the US or $3.50 international first class. Flickr mail or convo me through etsy to order.

Wrap your girl in a little luv......

Saturday, June 6, 2009

4th of July Jeans and Gingham babydoll top

I swore I wouldn't work today, but I lied to myself. I drifted into my craft room and this is what spewed out! I posted the pics on Flickr and started getting requests, so it's only fair to offer them up to you all.

The jeans are 100% cotton with cotton trim, buttons, and bows. One snap closure. Red topstitching down the sides and hem. Nice trim fit with a flared leg. $26.00 with $4.00 insured shipping in the US or $3.50 first class international.

The babydoll top is 100% cotton with cotton trim and a ribbon tie in the back. It has the sweetest little puffy sleeves ever and 2 button details. Unlined and fray-checked. $25.00 with $4.00 insured shipping in the US or $3.50 first class international.

If you want one, just Flickr mail me or convo me through etsy and I'll put up a RESERVED listing for you.

The Black and White Ball is in the mail!

I just got back from the postal orifice, so everything is shipped out! Many, many thanks to all you sweeties who bought a goodie! I hope you LOVE everything!!!! xoxo, Emily

PS-I thought you might like a look at the PILES of fabric I have, that may (or may not) get sorted out today. I'm a little whooped from my production marathon ;-)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almost done!

Everything is finished already (this was yesterdays photo) and I'm working on all the snaps and bows and belts and things this afternoon. I will get to the packaging later today when everything is complete. I'll be shipping them out tomorrow (or at the latest Saturday morning). Thank you all for your patience. I hope you love your little Blythe goodies!!! xoxo, Emily

Monday, June 1, 2009

Production status of the Black and White Ball

Everything is cut out in the picture and Paulette is overseeing the whole shebang. She's a very fussy girl!

Here I'm working on the Sinistra's and I've done a lot of the prep work for the other outfits. You can see that Paulette is already wearing a finished Francine dress. That particular dress was a custom request as a part of a set. (one Francine in white and the other black)

Above are a few of the photo's I've been taking during my production of the Black and White Ball Collection. I'm further along already than these photo's suggest because they are a few days old already. I took orders for this collection for one week and then started cutting. The cutting took me 3 days to complete and now I'm about half way through the sewing. I hope to finish everyone's outfits by the end of this week. Thanks to everyone who bought a goodie!!!!! xoxo, Emily