Monday, June 1, 2009

Production status of the Black and White Ball

Everything is cut out in the picture and Paulette is overseeing the whole shebang. She's a very fussy girl!

Here I'm working on the Sinistra's and I've done a lot of the prep work for the other outfits. You can see that Paulette is already wearing a finished Francine dress. That particular dress was a custom request as a part of a set. (one Francine in white and the other black)

Above are a few of the photo's I've been taking during my production of the Black and White Ball Collection. I'm further along already than these photo's suggest because they are a few days old already. I took orders for this collection for one week and then started cutting. The cutting took me 3 days to complete and now I'm about half way through the sewing. I hope to finish everyone's outfits by the end of this week. Thanks to everyone who bought a goodie!!!!! xoxo, Emily

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