Saturday, January 17, 2009, Yippeee!!!

Oh, I'm always looking for a new pair of Barbie maryjanes, but I tend to cringe over the prices. I actually shelled out $42 bucks for an elusive pair of red scalloped MJ's recently, my justification being that it was my Christmas present to myself this year. Mostly I haunt EvilBay and lurk around listings with bad photos of fuzzy Maryjanes that I think others might not see. I've lucked out that way several times (including once for a pair of highly desirable brown ones). But now, I've discovered a web site that is making them new and selling all kinds of yummy colors, like candy red, dark machine grey and mango, at a somewhat reasonable $10 to 12.50 a pop (I say somewhat, because when I can get a pair of shoes for myself for $12, tiny plastic barbie shoes seem comparatively expensive). Don't yell, I have a cottage business too.... The store's closed for a bit due to a relocation. As soon as they get moved and settled I'll be getting myself some of these. Check 'em out;

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