Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last call for the Brontë Slumber Party!

It's last call time for the Brontë Slumber Party Collection. I've taken just about all the orders that I can manage and will be closing down the store again this weekend. If there's anything that you've been wanting to get, now is the time.

Next week I'll begin cutting for the whole production run, and I won't be taking any more orders from this collection while I finish the run. I'll post pictures of my progress as I go along, so you can see how it's going.

I have put in a couple big lace orders and expect to get those in the mail in the next couple weeks (one is coming from England and will take a bit of time to get here). I'll start working on things in the meantime, like bunny slippers, that don't depend on the lace that's coming.

Many, MANY thanks to all of you who have bought a goodie!

xoxo, Emily

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