Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Introducing Mochi, the Wonder Frog!

I'm delighted to bring you yet another FAB Wonder Frog! Mochi is wearing a babydoll sundress top by Godesia and a pair of coveted Re-Ment froggy boots! We're very jealous over these booties, I tell you. Mochi's mommy, Diana, has a delightful collection of dolls and a wonderful Flickr stream to prove it. Check out all her dolly adventures here;

Thanks so much Diana, we just love Mochi! (and those booties!)


dominique said...

I have fallen in love with wonderfrog and do not know where to buy her! SHe is soooo adorable
could you let me know,please

Godesia said...

Hi Dominique!

Besides eBay, this is the only site I know of;

They are currently sold out of most of their Wanda frogs, but it's worth a look.

There is a facebook group for Wanda and lots of Flickr groups too. Sometimes you can get a private sale there from someone who wants to get rid of one.

Good Luck sweetie!