Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fabulous dolls wearing Godesia!

First, we have Carlisle, Melissa's doll, wearing my black cat hat. Check out her fab flickr photos:

Next up, Jasmin's doll Moon, wearing my flowered kitty hat. Jaz makes wonderful Blythe goodies as well. Check out her store and flickr pages: and

In the darling hat (not mine) we have Tiziana, Mercedes' sweetie pie, wearing my lacy cardigan. Check out Mercedes' flickr photos for more Blythe goodness:
For the ultimate in springiness, we have Nell wearing my sweet eyelette babydoll. Nell's mom, Iveta, takes fabulous photos. Check her out:
And last, but not least, we have Roz's doll, La Mer, wearing my tulip's and butterflies stockings. And looking VERY sexy doing it, too. Roz has the most darling collection of dolls and photos. You MUST see it:
That's all for now sweeties!

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